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The reference web agency

To design a successful SEO company, the web agency must recruit the best SEO consultants.

Our web services


The creation of a showcase website for a company can be done using several customised solutions: catalogue website, intranet, infographics, visual identity, mobile and web applications…

Website development

Exhibit your work on the Internet by creating a blog, an online shop...

Graphic & web design

The graphic designer is an expert in communication. The term "graphic designer" is more commonly used.

Web referencing

To reference a site, it is necessary to undertake an indexing phase.


Aesthetics & performance

Improve the design of a site by taking into account its aesthetics and performance to make it more attractive.

Graphic charter

Graphic and ergonomic design

User experience

Graphic design of a web interface.

Brand image

Leave it to us!

To promote a company’s brand image, like the case of CWM Consulting, a digital communications agency ensures that a lasting and creative relationship is created between the brand and the public.

SEO Strategy

Let's boost your Google ranking!

By boosting your Google ranking, you can increase your business opportunities by strengthening your company’s image. Ranking in the top position allows the website owner to optimise their reputation and visibility. The objective is to be at the top of Google results by working on organic search.

Make you more visible


Improve the visibility of a website, like that of the thewebdesign.info website, by applying certain methods: regular publication of content, website optimisation, implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet.

Community management

A community management agency is more of a 360° function. It encompasses online communication and digital marketing.

Advertising campaign

An advertising campaign is an effective way of communicating with consumers.

Content marketing

The long-term effects of content marketing can be measured.

Web Communication

Your e-reputation is our mission!

Also called e-notoriety, a positive or negative e-reputation can be spread through social networks, forums, blogs, collaborative sites, video and image sharing platforms…

Lead acquisition

Technical website design

Content marketing

A relevant marketing strategy attracts customers.

Pay-per-click advertising

CPC is a display campaign where the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the ad.

Email marketing

Email marketing maintains, initiates and consolidates a relationship between company and customer.